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Security is Our Priority

We do everything in our power to protect you from fraudsters and other malicious scams.

 Report a Lost or Stolen Card

  1. Identify which card looks like yours
  2. Call the number listed above your card

Stockman Bank Visa Check Card

Call 1(866) 914-4595
Visa Debit Card 406 Checking 

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Visa Debit Card Sunset 
Visa Debit Card Green
Visa Debit Card Black Swoop

Stockman Business and Personal Credit Cards (TIB) 

Call 1(800) 367-7576
MasterCard Business
MasterCard Platinum
MasterCard World
Visa Debit Card Light Blue

Security Update for Online and Mobile Banking

Security is critical to us and we continually look for ways to offer greater protection for our customers.

If our system identifies unusual account access activity,

  • Desktop users may see a captcha notice that will require completion.
  • Mobile users may experience a temporary delay when accessing your account.
Please be assured these additional steps are for your protection.


How We Protect You

Big or small, we treat every account the same. That goes for the security of your accounts as well. We have a number of tools in place to help prevent and deter any fraudulent incidents.

Tools to Ensure your Protection:

Enhanced Online Security
  • We offer security for your eBank and eBiz accounts.
  • eSecure verifies your device, location, and Log In Credentials each time you log in.

  • We use 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption between your browser and our servers to protect all of your information.

  • To prevent unauthorized access and intrusion, we have implemented firewall software that keeps your accounts as secure as possible 24/7.

 How to Protect Yourself and Your Business 

When it comes to confidential information, you are the first and best line of defense. You have the power to control the information
you wish to share.

Tips to Ensure your Protection: 

Protect your personal information
  • Never provide your personal or financial information over the phone or via the internet unless you are sure the request is legitimate.

Secure your computer!
  • Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, and Firewall Software provide protection against malicious programs and information that may be embedded in websites, emails, or documents.
  • Always maintain current versions and updates offered by the software provider.

Properly dispose of old documents!
  •  Always shred any bank statements, credit card bills/applications, and old credit or debit cards.

ID’s and Passwords

What to do if you are a victim:

Contact your local Stockman Bank immediately and alert us of the situation. In addition to contacting us, you should also contact one of the three major credit bureaus:

Equifax – Call: 1(800) 525-6285 Experian – Call: 1(888) 397-3742  TransUnion – Call: 1(800) 680-7289

For more information, visit the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Identity Theft Center. 

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