Financial Education

Coffee Talk Q2 2021

Written by KC Keith, VP and General Manager of Stockman Insurance

Montana is truly the last best place. It is evident with the large migration of “outworkers” moving into our state to live, work, and experience the natural beauty and serenity that Montana offers. With over 145,000 miles of mountains, prairies, lakes, and badlands, Montana has something for everyone. Record real estate prices and low inventory underscore the rush to own a piece of the Big Sky Country.

It has been said that Montana is just one small town with very long streets. What a great and profound statement! Montana is one small town with long streets full of friendly people, growing families and locally owned businesses where neighbors help neighbors.

Stockman Insurance has been your neighbor on these long Montana streets since 1993. We are a Montana owned (and operated) insurance agency, with 11 offices across our great state. You might think all insurance agencies are the same. Not true! As a Montana agency, we understand the unique insurance needs of the people who live and work here. After all, we live and work here too. Unlike the larger regional and national insurance agencies operating in this state, we are your advocate and use our experience and knowledge of the community and state to provide the right protection you need. Some agencies service their customers from different cities and even different states. They can even require the consumer to call a separate toll-free number when requesting an auto ID card. But at Stockman Insurance, you will receive service from the same people you purchase your policy from.

The secret that Montana is the last best place is out and we will continue to grow in population, businesses, and industries. Stockman Insurance will be there too - growing, expanding, and servicing the insurance needs and wants of all Montanans. From personal insurance to business and ag insurance, we are committed to providing the best in local, personalized service. We are Montana’s Brand of Insurance!

- KC Keith