Ag Deferred Payment Contracts

Stockman Exchange, Inc.

The services offered by Stockman Exchange are designed to the needs of ag producers. Deferred payment contracts allow ag producers to sell their commodity - grain, livestock - during the current tax year, but defer the income to another tax year. Stockman Exchange Inc. is located at Stockman Bank. Sellers are advised to consult an attorney or tax accountant to discuss the effect of deferred payment contracts on their state and federal income tax liability.

Deferred Payment Contracts

Sell when the price is right; take income when the time is right. If your financial planning calls for deferred payments, ask our agricultural bankers how you can take advantage of current prices for your livestock, grain or hay and defer income to another tax year.

In the 40 years we have offered this service, many of our agricultural customers have found deferred payment contracts advantageous to their operation. Please contact any of our Ag bankers for more information on this valuable service.