Business & Ag Services

Direct Deposit

A convenient, time saving and cost effective way to pay your employees. Electronically transfer funds from your payroll account to your employees' accounts with reduced risk of check fraud and lost or stolen checks.

Automatic Transfers

Make easy, one-time or multiple transfers between your accounts including loan payments. Quickly and easily set up recurring transfers between your accounts to help you save, deposit to your IRA or Health Savings Account or to fund special purchases.

Sweep Accounts

Make every dollar count from your Business Checking Account! Contact a Cash Management Specialist to discuss a variety of deposit and investment sweep services we offer.

24 Hour Telebank

Call 1 (888) 669-0724 to get your balance, recent transactions, and make transfers or payments. To use Telebank for the first time, you will need a PIN. Contact us and we will mail you a PIN, or visit your local branch to receive a PIN in person.


Additional Services

Lifecycle Planning

Every business goes through different lifecycle stages. From start up, to growth, to sale, we offer unique products and services to cater to each stage of your business.

Ag Deferred Payment Contracts

Deferred payment contracts allow Ag producers to sell their commodity during the current tax year, but defer the income to another tax year.