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Media Releases

Preventing Fraud & Protecting Your Identity

Fraud and identity theft is different for everyone. While some people believe fraud will never happen to them, others worry about it on a daily basis.

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Fall Home Maintenance

Fall maintenance not only saves you from lightning strikes and spider bites, but it also helps you build equity - or at least maintain the equity you have built up in your home.

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Coffee Talk Q3 2018

On Stockman's 65th anniversary, Bill Coffee thanks customers for the privilege of serving them.

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Hail! Should I File A Hail Claim?

Hailstorms cause approximately $1 billion in damage every year, according to the National Storm Damage Center.

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Coffee Talk Q2 2018

This year, Stockman Bank celebrates its 65th Anniversary!

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Unlocking the Mystery of Uninsured Motorist Coverage

The purpose of Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury (UM) and Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury (UIM) are to allow insureds to collect from their own insurance company, that which they should have been able to collect from the negligent uninsured or underinsured third party

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Cyber Liability-It’s Not Just For Businesses

Cyber liability may be one of the newer products on the insurance market, but it’s one that we at Stockman Insurance strongly encourage business owners not to overlook.

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What Is a Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy…and Why Would You Need or Want One?

A Personal Umbrella Policy provides higher limits of liability coverage over and above your other policies, such as Homeowners, Auto, Motorcycle, Boat, etc. If an accident happens, once the liability limits of the underlying policy are reached, the umbrella policy kicks in.

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Coffee Talk Q1 2018

2018 is our 65th Anniversary! Our Montana focus has uniquely positioned us to serve more neighbors across the state every day.

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The Down Payment Low Down

Have you dreamt of buying your own home, but didn’t think it was possible because you don’t have 20% of the purchase price to contribute as a down payment?

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A Sharing Economy

In recent years we’ve seen the rise of the phenomenon known as the sharing economy or collaborative consumption. Collaborative consumption allows consumers to share access to products or services, rather than having individual ownership

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Is That Check Bad?

It’s easy to believe that you are working for a valid secret shopping company when they send you your first official-looking check in the mail. But could that check be the scam itself?

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Want to Buy Your First House? Here’s What You Need to Know

Most first-time homebuyers don’t have a clue what they would even qualify to buy, and many have that “deer in the headlights” look when they walk in. The purpose of this post is to help you understand what to bring to your mortgage lender and what to expect when buying your first home.

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Fraud Alert: Weather Disasters Gusting in Scams

Watch out for charity scams. Beware of links to charities. Question social media posts.

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Protect Yourself Against Money Mule Scams

Fraudsters bring their unsuspecting victims in on the scheme and make them do the majority of the work….and this can oftentimes leave their victims penniless. This twisted tactic is known as a “money mule” scheme.

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If It Sounds Too Good

She didn’t even remember entering a sweepstakes, but she’d somehow managed to win – and win big!

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I’m Sorry. This Card Is Declined

My debit card number had been stolen and fraudulent charges amounting to $150 had accumulated.

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Bank In Your Pajamas

Today, consumers expect and demand that they’re able to do almost any banking transaction in their pajamas…at any time of day or night, from their laptop, tablet or phone.

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