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Coffee Talk Q4 2019

If you are like most people, you work hard to save money but don’t think of yourself as rich or wealthy. So when you see “wealth management services,” you don’t think it applies to you. Not true.

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Keep Your Cash Flowing and Your Business Growing

Bill Toner, Vice President of Cash Management Services, shared some thoughts to provide a better understanding of Cash Management and what this service can provide for business customers.

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Property Taxes – What?

There’s nothing more exciting than buying a home, especially when it’s your first home. There’s also much to consider.

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Nine Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter!

Autumn in Montana can be a mix of summer and winter, depending on the day! Now is the time to prepare your home before winter settles in for good.

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Coffee Talk Q3 2019

On Friday September 27, we are celebrating Good Neighbor Day at all of our branches. Please stop by and say hello. It’s our way of saying “thank you” for the privilege of being your neighbor in the Montana communities we call home.

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Planning Ahead: Willful Thinking

Let’s address the more personal side: your life, family, and stuff, and who will take care of it. You’ll need to ask yourself some questions, do a life inventory, and think about who you really trust.

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Planning Ahead: Where There Is A Will

Understanding the process and putting a plan together, leads us to the topic of a will.

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Coffee Talk Q2 2019

At Stockman, we too are Montana owned and operated. Additionally, unlike many of our competitors, Stockman is solely focused on Montana and only Montana.

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Vacation Rental Scams: How to Avoid Them

Several stories have circulated from both guests and hosts regarding fraudulent activity and scams regarding vacation rentals by owners.

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VA Loans & More

What do you think about when you hear VA (Veterans Administration) loan? For me, it’s a way to help out fellow Veterans.

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Curb Appeal – A First Step When Selling Your Home

If you are selling your home, one of the best ways to attract buyers is to draw people in when they first arrive. This is known as curb appeal.

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Planning Ahead: An Estate Planning Blog Series

This is the first posting in a new blog series from Stockman Wealth Management (SWM) on estate planning, the process of planning for passing assets on to loved ones.

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She's Only 5 and Already Has the Wisdom of a Super Saver!

One of our newest Stockman customers, Sarah K., agreed to an interview on why she recently opened a savings account at only five years old.

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Coffee Talk Q1 2019

2018 was a milestone year for Stockman Bank as we celebrated 65 years of serving Montana with the best in banking services.

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Investing in Real Estate As Part of Your Retirement Plan

Retirement can seem like a long way off for many people, but it is amazing how fast time flies.

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Ten Money Tips Every Freshman Should Know

Treat personal finance like a second major and you can avoid unnecessary expenses now, reducing your financial burden when you graduate.

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Best Practices in Avoiding Home Insurance Claims

Homeowner claims in Montana are just as diverse as its terrain. No matter how hard we try to avoid, prevent and minimize claims, the odds are not in our favor as one in 20 homes have a claim each year.

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Convenient Services

The Montana lifestyle is a busy one! To help make banking easy and convenient, we are proud to offer products and services that allow you to bank when, where and how you want.

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Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Financial Advisor

We all have a need to build our wealth. By this, we mean saving for retirement, college, and investments. Our group is here to help you achieve your personal financial goals and objectives.

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Coffee Talk Q4 2018

Our CEO, Bill Coffee, reflects on the year as 2018 comes to an end.

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