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  Date   End Date City Event   
  April 1, 2015   April 3, 2015 Columbus Midland Bull Test Sale
  April 10, 2015   April 10, 2015 Great Falls MUS's Triangle Classic Banquet
  April 11, 2015   April 11, 2015 Great Falls

MSU's Triangle Football Scrimmage

  April 14, 2015   April 14, 2015 Great Falls Foothills Christian Spring Banquet
  April 28, 2015   April 28, 2015 Great Falls Lewis and Clark Trail Mixer
  April 29, 2015   April 30, 2015 Helena SBDC Invest in Success 2015 Business Conference

Midland Bull Test Sale

Date:    April 1 - April 3, 2015
City:     Columbus

Stockman Bank is a sponsor of this sale of Black Angus Bulls, which is the largest bull sale in America.  Lunch is free and a banquet will be held following the sale.

MSU's Triangle Classic Banquet

Date:   April 10, 2015
City:    Great Falls
Location:    Four Seasons Arena

Stockman Bank is a proud sponsor of this banquet which will feature Brian Urlacher, a four-time First Team All-Pro linebacker, as guest speaker.

MSU's Triangle Classic Scrimmage

Date:   April 11, 2015
City:    Great Falls

Date:    Stockman Bank proudly supports the Triangle Classic Scrimmage.

Foothills Christian Spring Banquet

Date:   April 14, 2015
City:    Great Falls

Stockman Bank supports the Foothills Christian Spring Banquet.

Trail Mixer Dinner and Auction

Date:   April 28, 2014
City:    Great Falls

Stockman Bank is a sponsor of this major fundraising event for the Lewis and Clark Foundation.

SBDC invest in Success 2015 Business Conference

Date:   April 29 - April 30, 2015
City:     Helena

Stockman Bank is a proud supporter of the Invest in Success Business Conference.