Montanans Serving Montanans

This year, Stockman Bank celebrates 70 years of providing the best in banking and financial services to the people, businesses and communities of Montana. Making it 70 years is a big accomplishment for anything, an individual, a farm, ranch, community bank or any other small business. It takes principles, focus, lots of hard work and perseverance. It also requires a strong set of core values to continue to build upon past successes.

With any organization, the challenge is always what traditional ideals to hold on to and what new ways to embrace. At Stockman, we have always done the right thing for the long term. We believe strongly in giving back to our communities and making each a better place. We have always made prompt, local decisions with empowered employees. We have long said technology should enhance customer service, not replace it. These are a few of our core values, or what we often call our “founding principles.” Stockman has lived these principles since 1953, allowing us to remain independent and family owned for 70 years.

Our focus is on Montana, and only Montana. We provide financial services - banking, wealth management and insurance to a broad range of users from every walk of life and from every corner of our great state. We provide home loans to young families, expansion loans for small businesses, real estate and operating loans for local agriculture, retirement planning for workers of all ages and insurance coverage protecting Montanans against all types of peril. Deposits in Stockman are put to work right here. Depositors do not have to wonder where or how their funds are used.

To our employees, thank you for providing the highest level of customer service in taking care of neighbors, day in and day out. Your dedication to our customers and commitment to our communities is greatly appreciated and is the biggest difference between Stockman and our competitors.

To our customers, thank you for your trust and loyalty. We know you work hard for your money, and we strive to work just as hard to take care of it. It has truly been our privilege to serve you over the past 70 years and we are ready to celebrate! 

Please join us at any of our Stockman Bank locations across the state on Thursday, September 28, National Good Neighbor Day. We’ll be hosting open houses and special events in recognition of our 70th anniversary. Visit our website at for more information on the fun activities we have planned around the state. 

Cheers, here’s to the next 70 years!

Bill Coffee, CEO