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Learn more about banking! Our Tuesday Tips give you quick, easy access to burning questions, courtesy of our Stockman experts!
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Documents Needed for your Mortgage Loan

Cheryl VanEvery, VP Real Estate Loan Officer
Today's Tuesday Tip comes from Cheryl VanEvery, VP, Real Estate Department Manager in Sidney. She answers the question, "What documents do I need to bring/supply for a mortgage real estate loan?"
When initially applying for a mortgage loan you will need to complete a real estate application. This can be done online or by paper.
You will then need to supply:
-pay stubs for the last 30 days
-your last 2 years of tax returns with W2’s
-your bank statements for the last 2 months, at a minimum.
We will help walk you through the home loan experience!

If you are in the Sidney area, contact Cheryl when you’re looking for a home. Outside of Sidney you can find a Real Estate Loan Officer at any of our locations across the state.

Tips for Writing a Business Plan

Jon Von Eshcen, VP Commercial Loan Officer
Having a well defined business plan is critical because it can act as a road map to your success. If you’re starting a new business, a business plan helps show your lender what market research you’ve done and sets realistic projections that your banker will need in order to determine any financing needs.
A well-defined business plan should include:
1. The nature of the business and the background of the organization.
2. Goals for the business and how they will be attained as well as a time frame.
3. Financial projections and how they will be achieved, as well as a time frame.
A business plan should not be a one time thing, I believe it’s important to make changes to it as time goes by and challenges come up. Even well established businesses should have a business plan that can help guide them through economic highs and lows. For more information on writing a business plan click the SBA site here: 


If you are in the Great Falls area, be sure to stop to see Jon for your business banking. If you're outside of Great Falls, check the map to find your nearest Stockman Bank to set up an appointment, or stop in at your convenience.

Resist Pressure...Fraud Happens!

Misty Anderson, Operations Officer
The main thing to remember is, "RESIST PRESSURE," states Misty. Often times customers get pressured into giving their social security numbers, account numbers, and personal information etc. to scam artists. These individuals can be very convincing and know how to talk their way into getting what they want and know how to play on human emotion. It is probably a scam if “they” demand that you act immediately or won’t take “NO” for an answer. Fraud happens for a variety of reasons and intentions. Customers have been scammed due to romance, technology repairs, information garnered from unemployment checks, bogus lotteries and a myriad of other schemes. Scammers will try to gain trust by claiming to be from a well-known business or impersonating a trusted contact. They may even suggest their own verification and call-back procedures. Remember, if it sounds to good be true - it probably is! Call us immediately if you think you have been scammed. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your personal information and finances.
If you are in the Sidney area, be sure to stop to see Misty if you suspect fraud of any sort. If you're outside of Sidney, check the map to find your nearest Stockman Bank to set up an appointment, or stop in at your convenience.

Christmas is closer than you think.

Lori Stevenson, Receptionist/CSR
It is closer than you think and Lori Stevenson, Receptionist / CSR at our Lewistown bank, offers some great tips to save for the holidays as part of our Tuesday Tips day!
Although it is only July - there is no time like the "present" to prepare for the holidays!!
Think about what Christmas means to you and your family. Prioritize what is most important. Make a list of those things, like perhaps mailing Christmas Cards, baking, decorating etc. Last but not least make a list of your friends and loved ones you would like to buy a gift for. A plan will make it much easier for you.
  1. Divide up the total you can spend from your paychecks before December.
  2. Open a NEW account, like Savings. You can set up an Automatic Transfer for each of your paydays. Every 2 weeks? First of the Month?
  3. You can set up your transfer “IN” branch or right on online banking and set as recurring.
  4. Add your list of people you are buying gifts for into your phone, and buy gifts through out the year when you see sales.
  5. Summer is a great time to go through your kid’s closets and your own! Get together with a few friends and have a BIG garage sale.
  6. Cut back on something you purchase every week…. lunch, coffee, etc. Add that extra money to your NEW account.
Remember with a little planning you can make the Holidays even BETTER!
If you are in the Lewistown area, be sure to stop in to see Lori for your real estate needs. If you are outside of Lewistown, check the map to find your nearest Stockman Bank to set up an appointment, or stop in at your convenience.

Shopping for a new home?

Kristy Fox, NMLS ID# 400360
Real Estate Loan Officer

Shopping for a new home is exciting and fun, but if you’re a serious buyer, your experience should begin in your lender’s office…before hitting the open houses! Kristy emphasizes that in today’s competitive market, buyers are expected to be pre-qualified. Becoming pre-qualified for a mortgage loan will assist you with the following:
  • Help you understand how much house you can afford so you are shopping in the correct price range
  • Alert you to any issues that may affect your ability to qualify for a loan
  • Compare loan options to get the best fit for your situation
  • Allow realtors and sellers to know you are a serious buyer, making your offer more attractive
  • Accelerate the process for a timely, no surprise closing, fulfilling your dream of home ownership!
If you are in the Havre area, be sure to stop in to see Kristy for your real estate needs. If you are outside of Havre, check the map to find your nearest Stockman Bank to set up an appointment, or stop in at your convenience.

Make your banking easy with Personal Online Banking!

Machelle Curl, CSR

"Paying recurring bills doesn’t have to be time consuming or frustrating. Personal Online Banking is the answer to all your bill paying needs," says Machelle.

Online Banking provides a convenient way to pay your bills.

  • Make payments to individuals or companies (e.g. utilities, credit cards, loan payments, friends, relatives, etc.)
  • Set up recurring or one time payments.
  • Set reminders for due dates and receive notifications when your payments have been sent.

If you are in the Wibaux area, be sure to stop in to see Machelle for your banking needs. If you are outside of Wibaux, check the map to find your nearest Stockman Bank to set up an appointment, or stop in at your convenience.