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Financial Planning

Financial Planning is Finding a Map to Reach Your Destination.

We begin the process by getting to know you and discussing your family’s specific situation. During this process, we’ll ask that you define your family’s goals and objectives and we assist you in quantifying and prioritizing your goals.

Once your goals are established, we analyze your financial information extensively along with your personal financial preferences. This process results in specific recommendations (the roadmap!). We review the plan with you and then assist with the implementation. We also monitor progress toward your goals. Financial Planning is an ongoing process. Our recommendation is an annual review of your progress and goals to ensure the plan is on track. Adjustments are typical and to be expected and we will guide you along the way.

7 Area of Focus We Consider When Building Your Wealth Management Plan

1. Retirement Planning 

Establish Retirement Income Goal
Pension and/or Social Security Review
Retirement Account Assessment
Retirement Income Plan 
Beneficiary Review 
Healthcare/Medicare Planning 

2. Investment

Identify Goals and Objectives
Develop Investment Policy Statement
Develop Asset Allocation Plan 
Monitor and Re-balance as Warranted

3. Taxes

Capital Gain/Loss
Employer Benefits 
Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)

4. Estate Planning 

Business Succession 
Durable Power of Attorney 
Living Will 
Gifting While Living and at Death 
Select Personal Representative/Trustee
Distribution Plan 
Titling of Assets

5. Insurance 

Review Disability, Life, Umbrella, etc.
Analyze for Suitability
Perform Cost Analysis 

6. Liabilities 

Estimated Statement of Financial Position 
Debt Review

7. Education Planning 

Needs Analysis
Funding Plan
UTMA, Coverdell, 529 Plans, Custodial 
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