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Switch Kit


Our Switch Kit Makes Your Transition To Stockman Bank Hassle Free!

With just a few, easy steps, your new account will be up and running.

Step 1 - Deposit into your New Account

Making the switch from your old bank to Stockman is simple! To activate your account, we recommend reassigning all of your direct deposits to the new account.

*To complete the Switch Kit forms, you may be asked to provide the Stockman Bank routing number. Our routing number is 092905249.

Personal Switch Kit Forms       Business Switch Kit Forms

Step 2 – Move Automatic Payments and Withdrawals

To avoid any headaches after making the switch, be sure to reassign all of your automatic payments and withdrawals such as bills, gym memberships, loan payments or subscriptions to your new accounts.

Step 3 – Close your Old Account

Once all of your automatic transactions have been reassigned and any outstanding items have cleared, you can transfer your remaining balance into your new account and close your old one.

Too much trouble? Stop by and we will fill out all the forms for you!  Or call us, 1(877) 300-9369.