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Lost or Stolen Card

Visit our Security Center to learn how to report a lost or stolen card, or how to lock your debit card.

We May Contact You!

We monitor your credit card transactions for potentially fraudulent activity and may call you if unusual activity is suspected.


Your security is our priority. You are in control of your debit card with the touch of a button!

Debit Cards
For lost or stolen Stockman Bank Visa Check Cards, call 1(866) 914-4595, or lock and unlock your personal debit card with CardProtect.

Credit Cards
For lost or stolen Stockman Business and Personal Credit Cards, call 1(800) 367-7576.

Yes! To notify us that you will be traveling, please call your local bank.

For Credit Cards, please call 1 (800) 367-7576 and let a customer service representative know about your travel plans.

Yes, you can set a number of limits on debit cards:

  • Transaction Amount Limits – Block card transactions and ATM withdrawals over an amount you set if they are equal to or less than our preset limit.
  • Locations Limits – Block card present transactions outside a selected area.
  • Merchant Limits – Block card present transactions at certain types of merchants.

Contact Cardholder Customer Service at 1(800) 367-7576 or visit their website.