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2017 fraud newsletters

Friend or Foe? Who is Calling You? - December 2017
Staying skeptical and suspicious can help you sort out the real calls from the phonies. Avoiding answering any numbers that you don’t recognize will also weed out most scammers and telemarketers.
Smishing will not have you responding: "LOL" - November 2017
As if the various phishing emails and relentless robo calls are not enough to keep us busy trying to protect ourselves, now there’s an attack called “Smishing”.
Weather Disasters Gusting in Scams - October 2017
There is nothing quite as heartbreaking as a weather disaster that leaves thousands of people homeless and stranded without anything to their name. It’s a time when many Americans step up and feel the need and desire to help in any way possible.

Is that Check Bad - September 2017
It’s easy to believe that you are working for a valid secret shopping company when they send you your first official looking check in the mail. But could that check be the scam in itself?

Social Network Safety - August 2017
Social Media has taken the world by storm. Almost everyone does some kind of social networking whether it is for business, personal, or in most cases both. 

Imposter Scams: Who's deceiving you? - July 2017
Imposter scams occur in many different ways, but they all are carried out the same: the imposter masquerades as someone you know or trust to persuade you into sending money. 

When a “Stranger” calls? Caller ID Spoofing - June 2017
Most of us have heard the warnings of all the scams surrounding our everyday calls.

Can You Hear Me Now - May 2017
Learn about a new scam that tries to gather your personal information over the phone and how to protect yourself from them.