A group of Great Falls real estate lenders stand together at a NeighborWorks fundraiser holding their fundraiser packets. They are all grinning from ear to ear.

Commitment To Our Community


Our Communities Make Montana Great

We know that each community in Montana is made up of people who believe in the common attitudes, interests, and goals that help make our state a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family. At Stockman, we support organizations that focus on improving the unique lifestyle we Montanans love so much. 

Teach Children to Save activities and resources:

Check out fun American Bankers Association Foundation financial activities!

Montanans Serving Montanans
2020 Hours Served

So far, in 2020 our employees have contributed this amount of time in total volunteer hours. We believe in supporting our communities!
You'll find us serving as soccer coaches, food bank volunteers, scout leaders, CASA volunteers, and on non-profit boards as well as in a number of other organizations throughout Montana!


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