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As more information has become available on the recent Target data breach, it appears as though a more conservative and proactive approach to this incident is necessary, and Stockman Bank will reissue any affected customer cards. As Stockman Bank of Montana utilizes a state of the art fraud monitoring software on all the VISA Check Cards we issue, you may continue to use your existing VISA Check Card until you receive your new card. Our approach to this matter uses an abundance of caution and better ensures customers are protected from potential fraud.

  • Stockman Bank has chosen to reissue VISA Check (debit) Cards to those customers potentially affected in this recent merchant security breach if your VISA Check Card was identified as one of the potentially compromised card numbers that are at a higher risk for fraudulent transactions.

  • We will be communicating with you in early January and automatically issuing you a NEW VISA Check Card. We anticipate you will receive your card in mid January. After you receive and activate your NEW VISA Check Card with your new PIN, we will be closing your current/old card.

  • Once you receive your NEW VISA Check Card and activate it, you may then begin using your new card. Remember your NEW Personal Identification Number (PIN) will arrive a few days after your NEW VISA Check Card. If you prefer to select your own PIN simply call the number on the PIN mailer or bring your NEW VISA Check Card with you to a Stockman Bank location nearest you.

  • As Stockman does our part to monitor unusual account activity related to your VISA Check Card, we encourage all customers to review transactions regularly on monthly bank statements or by viewing your account activity anytime online using our free eBank/eMobile service.

  • If you notice unusual activity and believe that your VISA Check Card was compromised, please contact a Stockman Bank or Card Services at 866-914-4595 immediately.