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How do I signup for ePay? 

Consumer ePay: Click Here to sign up for ePay. Remember, you must be signed up for eBank in order to sign up for ePay.

Business ePay: Visit your Stockman Bank branch to sign up for eBiz, online banking for businesses, to enable access to business bill pay.

How do I pay a bill once I'm setup for online ePay?

Consumer ePay:  You may begin paying bills online within eBank by choosing the ePay option from the account fly out menu or once in your checking account you can click the ePay link in the second row of headings. 

Business ePay: You may begin paying bills online by selecting “Bill Payments” under the Funds Management menu.

A "Getting started" page will appear and guide you through setting up your account information and paying bills. To use ePay, you must have a checking account. You may select your own vendors and set up the frequency and time you wish to have your bills paid. You may setup as many bills as you wish.

What is the cost for using ePay?

ePay is FREE on all personal checking accounts except Essential Checking, which offers ePay for free for the first six months, and then it's just $5.95 per month thereafter. The ePay fee for Essential Checking customers will be assessed regardless of how many payments you make. If you do not wish to use ePay, please notify us so we may discontinue the service and the fee from your account.

ePay is $9.95 per month on all business checking accounts. The checking account used to pay the bill payment will be charged the ePay fee.

Can I pay bills from multiple checking accounts?

If you have more than one account with us, you'll see a dropdown menu at the top of the payment form listing all your accounts. You can select any of the accounts shown in the menu as the source of the payment. Be sure you note the funds you have used from the account selected, and keep in mind the account must have a balance adequate to cover the payment you are issuing.

What is the earliest date I can make a payment?

For most bills, we can deliver your payment the next business day. If we send the payment by check, it can take four or fewer days for your biller to receive it.
When you enter an amount, ePay automatically displays the earliest date the biller will receive the payment. You can accept this date or change it.

When can I schedule payments?

Customers choose the date they want the merchant to receive the payment; this is the day the funds will be debited from their account.

Can I Overnight Payments so I don’t get late fees?

CheckFree gives you the option to have a check sent overnight mail to a merchant for a fee of $14.95.

What is the CheckFree Guarantee?

If a merchant does not receive a payment by the date specified, CheckFree will cover late fees up to $50.

Can I set up payment reminders?

Customers can set up email reminders when payments are due.

Can I receive my bills online?

Some merchants will deliver an electronic version of the customer’s bill via ePay.

Who can I pay using ePay?

You can pay almost any individual or business as long as they have a United States mailing address or receive mail at an FPO or APO address (APO - Abroad, APO - America or APO - Pacific). Please note that the following payment types are prohibited: Tax Payments, Court Ordered Payments, and Payments to Payees/Billers outside of the United States.

What happens if I do not have sufficient funds in my account to make a bill payment that I have setup?

If you do not have sufficient funds in your account, your bill will not be paid. To check if a payment has been paid or not, click on "Bill History" tab within bill pay. If a payment fails processing, the status changes to Failed. You receive an e-mail message and a letter notifying you that the payment has been returned to us. We make a second attempt to withdraw the money from your payment account. If this attempt also fails, you must resolve the problem with our Payment Processing Center.